In this 2-Day Workshop You Will Learn and Experience:

1. 2 full days of hands-on coaching with a team food professionals 
2. Step-by-step cheat sheet made by Rachel on shooting in manual mode
3. How to manipulate light both natural and artificial
4. Food styling secrets from an industry veteran
5. Lightroom editing demo specific to food photography
6. In-person shooting sessions for a fresh portfolio to attract your dream clients
7. Access to our backdrop and prop collections to use both days
8. Live shoot demonstration by Rachel and food stylist
9. A lesson by Rachel on how to create photography packages that sell
10. How to create a portfolio of images that will attract your dream clients

hi friends,

I'm Rachel Adams!

The photographer behind Rachel Shoots Food and The Colorado Food Photo Workshop. I help aspiring food photographers overcome their struggles with in-person workshops. I’m here to help you be more comfortable behind the camera and capture your food the way you envision!

More about me

My Transformation Story....

1. Quit my 8:00 to 5:00 office job
2. Started my own business where I could set my own hours to spend time with my family
3. Built packages that sold and photographed at over 100 restaurants
4. Transitioned to commercial and advertising food photographer
5. Opened a photography studio that services large international clients


When I finally invested in continuing education and specifically in-person workshops years ago, these are the changes I quickly realized:

9 AM - Meet and Greet & Breakfast
10 AM - Let's Shoot in Manual Lesson
11 AM - Lighting and Bouncing Lesson
12 PM - Food Styling Lesson by Pro
1 PM - Lunch and Q&A with the Team
2 PM - Shooting Time using Our Props
4 PM - Editing Demo in Lightroom 
5 PM - End - Grab Dinner with Friends!

9 AM - Breakfast + General Q&A
10AM - Pricing and Packages Chat  
11 AM - Live Photo and Styling Demo
12 PM - Lunch + General Q&A
1 PM -  Shooting + Portfolio Capture
3 PM - Editing  w/ Our Team Support
4 PM - Review New Portfolio + Q&A
5 PM - End - Travel Home or Dinner!

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 - Aug 25

Day 2 - Aug 26


What Level of Photographer
is this For?

Aspiring food photographer, whether beginner or intermediate. Even if your camera of choice is your phone, this Workshop is for you.

Do you Offer Payment

Yes, we have payment plans of 3 and 6 installments. You can pick you option below.

Where is it located?

Golden, Colorado. Just 13 miles from downtown Denver, CO. It's 35 miles from denver International airport. Exact address will be sent to registered attendees.

Where would I stay?

Are meals included?

What equipment do I need
to bring? 

You could stay in Denver or Golden, Colorado.

We will provide a light breakfast and then lunch with the price of the studio. Attendees will be on their own for dinners, but are encouraged to network together!

Your camera of choice and computer. If you have multiple lenses, feel free to bring those. If you don't have a camera, just bring your smartphone, and we can teach you how to best use it for food photography!

How many people will
be there?

Will we actually

It will be a small group (no more than 12) photographers to ensure we can work with everyone hands on. 

Absolutely! This is one of the benefits of gathering in person. We will work with you to better understand your camera!

Stop trying to figure this out on your own.
Stop youtubing all your questions.

Press the easy button and let me help you... in person!